Friday, September 19, 2014

Success In Network Marketing - Blogging

A question I was asked recently is, "If I get involved in network marketing, do I need a blog in order to enjoy success in network marketing?" If that's a question you have I have an answer for you. So we're talking about whether or not you need a blog in order to build a network marketing business. And the answer is no! You can build a network marketing business the old fashioned, traditional way with your warm market friends and family, coffee shop meetings and home meetings. You don't need the internet. You don't need a blog. You don't need videos. You don't need any of the tools that the technology provides.

However, the modern world of the internet makes a lot of tools available to you that make it easier to reach out to people and easier to connect. You can have a meeting with somebody in their living room and they're in Singapore and you're in San Diego. How cool is that? You can use the technology to extend your reach and make your life a little bit easier or at least a little bit different.

I'm not going to tell you that technology makes life easier. The technologies can be a real pain. And the reality is, you don't need to use the technology. You can build a traditional network marketing business the old fashioned way, meeting and greeting and shaking hands. It is a people to people business and you can make it a belly to belly business if you want or you can use the tools of technology.

A lot depends on what you want to accomplish and what is your vision for the future. Do you want to play small or play big? The big players have multiple sources of income and they have a central hub that is the focal point for a lot, if not all, of their activity. That hub is their blog. From their blog, they reach out with video to YouTube and with articles to article directories. They connect with other social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn. The blog is the focal point for all their marketing activities.

The blog provides a way for them to offer information products and coaching services thus generating multiple sources of income. The blog also provides a training hub for the downline and a way to offer affiliate products. So the blog can be quite useful.

It takes a lot of work to have a blog and have videos and to publish articles. There's a lot of work there. I love it. I love doing videos and I love putting up the blog and doing things like that so I'm going to continue to do it. That's just the way I choose to. Your choice may be different. The question for you is how to you want to build your network marketing business so that you can have success in network marketing.